Accessing GCC Email on a Mobile Device

Faculty and staff often ask: How do I access my GCC email on my mobile device(s)? 

In a word, yes, it is possible to set up access to your college email on a mobile device.  However, given the myriad mobile devices, email apps, and other variables, GCC makes no firm guarantee that access will always be 100% successful.  This being said, here is the basic information you will need to set up GCC email in your mobile device:

  • Go to your app store and download and install the “Outlook” app
  • Open the app and fill in the blanks:
  • For the Username field, use your NetID—e.g., jsmith75
  • For the Email field, use your full GCC email—e.g.,
  • For the Password field, use your GCC “single sign-on” password
  • For the Domain field, use
  • For the Email Server field, use

Strongly recommended: use the “Outlook” app in your devices app store

IMPORTANT:  When/if you change your GCC “single sign on” password, you also must change this password in your mobile device(s).

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