Spam Filtering 1 – Startup and Simple Interface

This information is for employees (i.e. not for students) who use the Exchange server managed by Computer Services.

Junk mail and spam are now a fact of life and there’s no getting around it. There are measures the college takes to assist you in managing unwanted email messages.

All email is filtered through the college’s spam filter, CanIt, before it gets to your email box. This doesn’t eliminate spam and junk mail but it takes out already defined junk before it can get to you. What else happens after that is up to you.

This information is to assist faculty and staff in setting up the CanIt software to your own preferences. It’s a step-by-step guide to configuring the spam filter to the level you prefer. It can be not set up at all (not recommended), set up to flag possible spam (the lowest recommended setting) or set up to tightly filter spam and prevent it from coming into your mail.

By default, CanIt marks your email with the subject heading of [SPAM?] if it thinks it’s spam.

You have multiple options to help make this better.

At the very least, you can set up a rule in Outlook that takes anything tagged as [SPAM?] out of your inbox. Go back to the “email” category on the right for those directions.

You really should go into CanIt and configure your settings to prevent most of this email from even getting into your mail.

Go to and log in using your network (or email) username and password.

If you’ve never set up CanIt at all, you will be presented with the Simple Interface.

Simple Interface

If you will stop with the Simple Interface, choose at least one of the options, “reject mail scoring higher than 6.8” is relatively stringent but will keep the most spam out of your email inbox. If you are uncomfortable with that, choose the “reject mail scoring higher than 7.5” to allow more mail into your email inbox. Then click on Set Spam-Scanning Level.

There’s no perfect number, this is as much an art as a science. But you can quit here.

If you’d like more control over your spam, go on to “Spam Filtering 2” (on the Help Desk web site) to set up the Expert Interface.

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