Mapping a Shared Drive

Network shares need to be ‘mapped’ to your computer in order to have access to the files.

Your “P” or Personal drive is automatically mapped, so that no matter where you sit down on campus, you have access to your P drive.

Other network shares do not have this property. If you work on multiple computers, you need to overtly map the shared drives. The good news is that once mapped, a share will stay in your profile so that it will still be available the next time you sit at the same computer.

To map a network drive (in Windows 7)

Click on the Start button and then Computer.

map network drive

Click on Map Network Drive

In the next window, select the letter you want the drive to be from the drop down. Type (or copy from the information given to you) the path of the network share.

map network drive

Network shares ALWAYS have the form:  \\home\NameOfShare

The “\\home” is the base location of the network share. The “NameOfShare” is the designated name of the share.


NOTE: This is why “may I have access to the ‘L’ drive?” makes no sense in a help desk call. The drive letter can be anything of your choosing. The same network share can be “L” for your colleague and “Q” for you. You will both have access because you have used the same \\home\NameOfShare information.

You need to provide the actual path of the share, which can be gotten from the Computer screen above.

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