Test Management Issue

I’ve taken to “daisy chaining” the quizzes and tests in my online course.

That is, a student has to take Quiz 1 before Quiz 2 becomes available. Then they have to take Quiz 2 before Test 1 becomes available. After taking Test 1, Quiz 3 become available, etc.

I’ve been, umm, forced to do this to make the point that the Quizzes are required and not an optional part of the course. But that’s not the technical issue here.

It turns out that the “adaptive release” option I use to manage this little trick is negated when I “Edit Test Options” and add names to the “Test Availability Exceptions.”

When I need to make a Test available past the due date for some student (and, sigh, there’s always at least one), then the “adaptive release” is completely taken away.

Which means students who have not taken Quiz 2 now can jump directly to Test 1 — without passing Go, and without collecting $200.

This also means if your test availability dates were in “adaptive release” and not in the “Edit Test Options” section, you need to add your beginning and ending dates to that area… otherwise, your availability dates are totally gone!

Took me a while to figure this one out… thought I’d share!





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