Unexpected “Needs Grading” on Quizzes

There was a question asked about quizzes that unexpectedly appeared in the “Needs Grading” queue. The quizzes had only multiple choice questions, the due date had not passed and yet the quizzes had been flagged as “needs grading” — which means the instructor needs to ‘touch’ every quiz.

It was only a couple of quizzes but that made it seem even more random. Why these quizzes and not others?

The answer turns out to be “system working as (badly) designed.”

The combination needed is that you have a time limit on a quiz and do not have the Auto-Submit turned on. If a student takes longer than the time limit, the quiz is automatically placed in the “needs grading” queue for you to do whatever you want (if you want).


There’s no indicator in the “needs grading” queue, but if you open the “Test Information” section, you can see Time Elapsed and there is the Over Time flag… it would be nice if that also showed in the “needs grading” queue so you knew what was going on.


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