Emailing Your Class

There are 2 relatively simple ways to send an email message to your students.

Using Banner Self Service

In Banner Self Service, go to Faculty Services and then to your Summary Class List and then to the bottom — look for the button that says “Display Email List” and click it.


You will get a new text window with a list of student email addresses. Simply copy that and paste it into the “To:” line of your email message.

(For full time faculty that are used to the “Email Class” button — that way only worked for folk who had Outlook installed on their computers. Adjunct faculty have never had that option… this process lets everyone have easier access to the email list!)

Using Blackboard

You don’t even have to make your course available to students to do this!

Go into your Blackboard course and click on the “+” sign in the upper left and select “Tool Link”


From there, type in the word “Email” on the top line, and then select “Email” from the list… make sure both lines say “Email” before you click Submit.


You now have an “Email” link in your menu (it goes to the bottom by default — it can stay there if you’re not using Blackboard with your students).

Click on the Email link in the menu and then on “All Users” — that will open a window where you can send your message. It automatically goes to all active students in your course (it does not go to students who have dropped your course).


Let me know if you have any questions!


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