Move to “the cloud”

Okay, I originally typed that title as “the could” — as in “the little engine that…”  😉

Over the next few months there will be a series of posts about Genesee’s moving Blackboard services to “the cloud”… specifically, the Open SUNY hosting cloud. The plan is to send summary information to your Genesee email and to put longer, more detailed explanations here.

In the time that we have self-hosted Blackboard, the system has become larger and more complex, which then translates to more work to keep running.

And, as many of you are painfully aware, the problems we’ve had in keeping the system up and running have become more complex and less easy to solve. Fall 2015 wasn’t necessarily a good semester for some of you (and your students), and you’ve all been incredibly patient. But we’re also aware that Blackboard has become a critical system at Genesee and it needs more support and expertise than we can reasonably give to it.

As a result, we’re going to be moving Genesee’s Blackboard services to Open SUNY. The really great part of this is that the folk at Open SUNY host Blackboard services for 20+ SUNY colleges. They have full time systems folk who are on call 24×7 and their only job is to support Blackboard systems.

What this means, once we’ve made the move, is that Harold, Ken and I can spend time on other projects that also need to be done. We can do more training and look at new technology — something that we have not had the time to do while we’re working on Blackboard systems.

The high-level schedule at this point is to host Winter 2015 and Spring 2016 courses at Genesee, just like we’ve been doing. No changes to that.

We will spend the Spring semester checking out the new system and plan to host Summer 2016 courses at Open SUNY.

For the most part, the final change will be invisible. If you go to — like most of you already do — and click on “Genesis” that click will take you to the new site. It will look like our existing site, have the same information inside on the tabs, and use your existing usernames and passwords. Our hope is to keep the ‘bumps’ down to a minimum.

What will be coming in January is a more detailed schedule and more communication about the entire project.

Questions? Please, do ask!


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