Sending Email to your Class

Blackboard is cool to use for email… nothing to set up, nothing to have installed on your home computer. And — best of all — the email comes from your Genesee email address! No getting your personal and Genesee email addresses confused and sending to students from the wrong address.

You do not have to be using Blackboard for your course, and your course does not even have to be available to students to use this tool.

First of all, we need to set up the Email tool. It’s not there automagically! 😦

Click on the “+” sign in the upper left corner of the course. Select “Tool Link”


In the menu, you need to type “Email” in the first line (so you know what it is!) and then select “Email” from the drop down list.


AT THE BOTTOM OF THE MENU, you’ll end up with a link that says email. The square with a line through it says it’s not available — but that’s not available to students. You still can use it. Click on the word Email.


To send a message to your entire class, simply choose the first option — All Users. That sends a message to all currently enrolled student. It does NOT send a message to students who have dropped the class.


Sending the actual message becomes pretty simple from there. (Clickee to embiggen!)


When you click send, it goes from your Genesee email to all the members of your class.

You can send to individual students also. On the “Send Email” page, just select “Single/Select Users” further down the list.

Questions? Contact Mary Jane at!


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