Making a Class List from Blackboard

You don’t need to be using Blackboard for any of your course materials and your course does not even need to be open to students for you to do this!

In your class, go to the the Control Panel and then Full Grade Center.


In the full Grade Center look to the far right of the window and find the “Work Offline” button… Click on it and select “Download”


Once in the download window, you have options and if you’re just looking for a class list, select “User Information Only” — for anyone that uses the Blackboard Grade Center, the “Full Grade Center” option will give you a file with your grades that you can turn in to your department at the end of the semester!


Leave all the rest of the defaults as is. Press Submit.

You get a “download” option. Click the box.


This will give you an Excel spreadsheet. (clikee to embiggen!)


If you’re going to use the file, you need to do a File > Save As > and save the file in Excel format! Otherwise, you get an ugly text format that isn’t pretty to work with! Mire clickee-ing for embiggen-ing!)


There you go! A class list for you to work with!

Questions? Contact Mary Jane at


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