Calling the Help Desk with Blackboard problems/questions…

bb-logo2In a word: Don’t.

The problem is, the folk on the help desk phone number don’t  know anything about Blackboard (or Genesis) and don’t have access to even try to help. So questions beyond “is it up and running” or “I need help with a password” – they can’t help at all.

What happens is the person you talk to on the phone takes your message and, well, it comes to us. So Harold and Bob and I end up with your question in the end.

You’ll get better, and faster, service if you send your questions / concerns / problems to

Now, I love you all, but don’t just send all your problems to me… I do (occasionally! Shhhhhh…) take a day off, and while I try to be good about turning on my out-of-office message, there’s no guarantee that I’ll always remember. But there’s always someone watching the email (well, working hours and spot checking on the weekends) so that you’ll get someone to respond appropriately…

And, while I’m at it, sending your students to the Help Desk phone number with Blackboard questions does essentially the same thing. The folk on the phone can’t do much besides validate things look to be running and, again, take a message. That Harold, Bob and I get. Tell your students to write to when they run into non-password Blackboard problems.

Meep! Classes start in 5 days! Stay warm in the meantime!

Questions? You know where I live!

–Mary Jane


This post was an email sent to faculty on January 7, 2015


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