Your Test Student(s)

There now actually are 2 test students that you can use in your course! How’s that for confusing?  ::grin::

Your New Test Student

The ‘new’ test student is actually pretty cool, since it requires no setup, no logging out or changing browsers. Look for the “eye” at the top of your course and click on it to go into Student Mode. And this is a real student mode – you see your course exactly like your students see your course.


When you exit, you have a chance to delete any interactions you did, but there are two “gotcha’s” for that. (My opinion – and that and $1 may buy me a cup of coffee! – is to leave the interactions in.)

  • First of all, it kind of defeats the purpose of being a student and getting test results and such into the grade book. You want to keep those interactions so you can see how grades accumulate. It gives me a user named “Heider_PreviewUser” in my gradebook.
  • The second is that if you respond to a discussion and then a real student replies to the test student, deleting the test student interactions also deletes the real student entry… kind of a pain…

As long as the yellow “Student Preview Mode” text bar is there, you’re in Student mode; you can move between your sections (using the dropdown next to the “H” at the top) while remaining in student mode!

The Old Test Student

The ‘old’ student mode is still available. That means the mheider_s user is still available to me.

If you prefer to use that, you have to add the test student to your course in the Tools, make sure you know the password (you reset the password in the same place). Then either log yourself out of Blackboard or – better – open a different browser and log in as the student user.

BUT!!! Remember, that the heider_s person cannot use the yellow Genesis login button! You need to use the ‘hidden’ button next to the question mark at the top of the login page. On that vanilla Blackboard login page, you can log in as your test student.


This has come a long way and is very cool!

If you try them both, you’ll have 2 test students in your gradebook, don’t forget. The two methods don’t talk to each other – which can be good or bad – and you have to deal with them separately.

If you have questions, you know where I live!


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