That Messy “My Courses” List

Okay, if you’ve been here even a couple of semesters, you tend to teach the same course, with the same section number… so you have a course list that looks like this:

Mat 129-67
Mat 129-67
Mat 129-67
Mat 129-L66 

So, which one is the current one?

Point your cursor to the gray box that says “My Courses” (which is, confusingly enough, on the My Courses page) and you should get a magic “S” that appears in the far right corner of that gray box. Click on the S.

If nothing else, click the “Group by Term” ticky box and Submit.

If you’re feeling ambitious, you can — after you’ve done that Group by Term ticky thing — un-ticky old semesters so they don’t appear in your list. The courses are still there if you want them, just not in the “things you look at every day” list. (You still have to Submit!)

That will organize your course listings and make it much easier to find the current courses!

Questions? Do ask!



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