Blackboard Help – August 12 – 29

OMG! Classes start in 13 days! When the heck did that happen???

If you’re going to need any assistance with Blackboard over the next three weeks, there are options (and limitations) you should be aware of.

Harold is at campus centers this week. Contact the campus center directly about his hours and availability.

  • Tuesday, August 12 – Warsaw
  • Wednesday, August 13 – Arcade
  • Thursday, August 14 – Albion
  • Friday, August 15 – Lima

I will be in Batavia on Tuesday and Wednesday this week but I will out of town on Thursday and Friday (Aug 14-15) with limited access to email. Bob Reynolds will be in the office those days for drop in assistance in Batavia.

During PAD week – August 18 – 22 – there will be Blackboard drop in sessions every afternoon in T205 from 1 pm to 4 pm (and we’ll stay later on Wednesday to accommodate folk coming in for the Adjunct meetings that evening). The PAD week time will be first come/first served, so don’t wait until Thursday…

Harold and I will be available by email over the next couple of weeks, don’t hesitate to reach out to us…. But we’ll be slower to get back to you the end of this week. [Okay, hints don’t work: DO NOT WAIT TO GET HELP!!!! No one may be available if you wait too long! (Okay, can I make the snarky remark that that’s the exact same thing you tell your students about doing the work you assign them?  ::grin::  )]

And… wait for it… as an extra special bonus, only if you order in the next ten minutes… oh, wait, nevermind…

But Harold will also be available in T104 (BEST Center computer lab) August 25-29 from 9 to 11:30 and 1:30 to 4 pm every day for drop in assistance. (Let the poor man get some lunch, for heaven’s sake!) This is also first come/first served.

Hope you had a good summer! Mine disappeared somewhere…


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