Why Open Education Matters

I’m a HUGE proponent of Open Educational Resources. But I do understand that not everyone understands why they should care about OER.

Everyone kinda understands how frustrating it is when you have a double-digit percentage of students in your courses who don’t get your textbook. Most of them don’t have the textbook because they can’t afford it. Sure, there are the students who don’t understand why they need to buy the textbook in the first place. But we’re talking about the student who wants to make an honest effort and really wants to get that textbook so he/she can learn what you’re attempting to teach.

You only have to sit with a new student who is ordering his/her textbooks through the bookstore to understand the meaning of the price of textbooks. It’s VERY common for textbooks for 12 credit hours worth of classes to cost $600-$700! That’s sticker shock to a student who is receiving financial aid and was counting on their financial aid refund to help with living expenses. $600 is a lot of money to most people. To a student who has nothing to begin with, it’s a fortune.

So. Here’s a two and a half minute video on “Why Open Education Matters.” It’s not the last thing I have to say about all of this — you know there will be more — but it’s a starting place!



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