Java and Blackboard

Java is going to be the death of me. Really. The constant updates and the will-it-or-won’t-it work issues is driving me spare.

Informationally, we do NOT have this version of Java installed on any campus computers and don’t plan to. So, if you’re using one of our computers, you’re all set.

At home, that’s another thing. If you have automatic Java updates turned on, you really should turn it off. If you have your computer working at this point, you really should turn all automatic updates off — for Windows, Firefox, Chrome, Java, Adobe. For everything. There’s generally a “tell me there’s updates and let me decide what to do” option that you should be working with.

Even when you do install updates, only do 1 set at a time. If you do too many at one time, you don’t know which one ‘broke’ your system.

Read the info below, follow their advice.


Certain features in Blackboard Learn rely on Java to work. Oracle is expected to release a client-side Java update (Java Update 7u51) on Tuesday, January 14, that will negatively impact three Blackboard tools: (1) Lightweight Chat, (2) Virtual Classroom, and (3) the ability to upload multiple files in Content Collection within Blackboard Learn. This update contains security requirements that require changes to Blackboard Learn. Blackboard is currently making the necessary fixes and plans to release the fixes to institutions on January 21.

What should you do in the meantime? 

  • If you do not install this latest client-side update of Java (Java Update 7u51), you will not encounter issues.
  • If you have already installed Java Update 7u51, you can roll back to a previous version of the client-side Java to restore use of those impacted items. Depending on the upgrade process, the previous JVM may still be available through the Java control panel. If it is not, you can download the previous version.
  • If you do not use the three Blackboard Learn tools listed, installing the client-side Java Update 7u51 should not have any negative impact on your user experience in Blackboard Learn.



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