Faculty and Staff – New NetID Information

netid-kittyGETTING HELP

Okay, you know something’s going to go bump in the night, so I’m going to start with that.

During working hours, call x6171 or send an email to helpdesk@genesee.edu and we’ll be on site to help you with any questions you may have. After hours, you can call the help desk!


An example will make that easier. I’m going to pick on my friend, Zero Q Smith

His computer login username is:  zqsmith
His computer login password is: myEMAILpassword

His Genesis username is:  zsmith47
His Genesis password is: myGENESISpassword

Starting Monday, this is what he will use for essentially everything:

NetID (computer, email and Genesis!):  zsmith47
NetID Password (computer, email and Genesis!): myEMAILpassword

One shiny NetID and one shiny password for everything! How cool is that?

Banner INB is not affected by this (and if that statement was Parseltongue to you, then it doesn’t apply to you and you don’t care!)


Now. To answer the important question:  Your email address DOES NOT CHANGE.

For my buddy Zero, his email address is still zqsmith@genesee.edu — BUT the only time he uses that is when something specifically asks for an entire email address.


If you have a mobile device, use a computer and log into your mail, just to double check and then you need to update your username in your mobile devices!

Questions? Do ask! I’ll be watching email over the weekend and through the holiday to answer questions! Don’t hesitate to ask!


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