Accessibility Webinars

accesibilityIt’s kinda easy to ignore ‘accommodations’ until we have a student hand us that paper that requires us to do something for that student. Then we scurry about, fixing whatever needs to be fixed, and (unfortunately) ignore it until the next time.

What would be easier, is designing your materials so that, even if a student requires accommodations in any form, that you’re already prepared for whatever might come your way.

There are lots of things that really aren’t hard to do (i.e. why does a specific test have a time limit on it?). But there are other things that require some planning and thought (i.e. closed captioning home-made videos isn’t an easy task). Just like there’s no one disability, there’s no one answer to dealing with it. But thinking ahead will save you angst later.

EASI (Equal access to Software and Instruction) is an organization that provides training about making instruction accessible. There are 2 upcoming, FREE, webinars that you should consider attending.


EASI Webinar: Practical Web Accessibility

Nov 14 11 Pacific noon Mountain 1 Central and 2 PM Eastern (all standard time!)

Presenter: Jared Smith

It’s easy to get caught up in the technical aspects of web accessibility and overlook practical principles and techniques that often have a bigger impact on the end user experience. This webinar will help everyone take a step back and view accessibility with a new perspective that focuses on the user experience and practicality, while using guidelines, tools, and techniques to help us achieve high levels of accessibility.

Use this link to register for the Nov. 14 Webinar with Jared Smith

EASI Free Webinar The Low Hanging Fruit of Web Accessibility

Nov 18 11 Pacific noon Mountain 1 Central and 2 PM Eastern (all standard time!)

Presenter: Terrill Thompson

Technology accessibility specialist Terrill Thompson will share a few simple steps that anyone can take to improve the accessibility and usability of their websites and electronic documents.

Register for this Webinar on Nov. 18 with Terrill Thompson


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