Managing your Email

I was asked the other day about managing email. Specifically, an adjunct who teaches only 1 semester a year asked about getting her mail cleaned up and — more importantly — getting the “Everyone” email to stop while she was away. Because she wasn’t logging in when she wasn’t working, and the email was accumulating, to add insult to injury, she’d then get the bombardment of “your mailbox is too big” automated messages.

It then took her some  dedicated work to trash through the email to see if there was anything worth salvaging and deleting hundreds of messages.

Well, rather than depending on getting things turned on and off, there is a way to manage your mail and make it easier to filter through unwanted messages.

Set up a “Rule” in your email to handle some of the routine things that come in. I’m going to step through how to send the “Everyone” email to a folder, so it doesn’t clutter up your Inbox, but this can be applied to specific people or other situations. You can have messages from your dean, for example, sent to a folder so that all the messages from this person are in one place and don’t get lost when you’re away.

These instructions are for Outlook Web Access and Internet Explorer. It may be slightly different in Firefox or Chrome, as a warning.

In your mail, go into Options and look for the word “Rules” on the right. Click on the dropdown next to the word “New Rule” and select “Move messages sent to a distribution list to a folder”



You’ll get a warning thing, (don’t worry, it’s benign), click OK.  The next part has some funky steps, so I made a video for that.

Watch the video for the next steps — give it a second to load!

Once you’ve set up one rule, it’s easy to set up more… your mail can go to wherever you need.

For mail you have in a folder — and even for your “Deleted Items” (which you do need to clean out!) — you can right click on the folder and there’s an option to “Empty Folder” in that menu. Once click will empty the folder!


If you need help, don’t hesitate to ask!



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