If You’ve Been a Student…. You have Mail!

Faculty and staff often don’t really realize that if they’ve been a student that they have *all* the student accounts… And the email and network accounts are usually separate from their employee accounts.

The network isn’t a big deal. It goes away eventually!

It’s the email account that causes some frustration when you forget it’s there and folk still send email to it! And — remember — student email does not go away!

Here’s how to set the mail forwarding to your main Genesee email account. (Honest, it’s easier to do this than to get the Internet to forget you ever had the email address!)

Go into the mail (which is now in Genesis, so there’s no reason not to check it) and click on the “Email” button on the My Genesis page. If it doesn’t open, you don’t have student email and you can quit reading now!

Once the email is open, look for the “Settings” button on the far right.


Click on it and look for the word… you guessed it… Settings!


On the new Settings page, look for “Forwarding and POP/IMAP”


Click on that and the first item in that menu is the Forwarding options. This is what mine looks like. Clickee to embiggen.


Make sure you select the 2nd radio button and then add your Genesee email address. (As an aside; you can forward Gmail to your Genesee email, you can’t forward your Genesee email anywhere!)

When you’re done, make sure you go to the bottom and “Save Changes”.


You can then click on the “Mail” word in the upper left corner to see what you’ve missed over the past couple of years! Go ahead and clean that mail out!


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