Giving Back Assignment Attempts

Well, it turns out there’s a *very* different process for letting a student re-submit an assignment.

As a note, think about giving students 2 chances to turn in an assignment as a default option. You’ll only grade the 2nd attempt, if there are 2 attempts, but it takes all of the discussion about “I submitted the wrong file” or “oh, I did that wrong, can I try again” or “my computer quit in the middle and it submitted without my attachment” or anything else that may happen when a student tries to submit their assignment material. Building in the 2 attempts then lets the student re-submit the assignment without your intervention. How simple is that?

If you need to “give back” an assignment attempt, this is how you do that.

Go to the full grade center and find the cell where the student grade may or may not be. This works if the assignment has been graded or not.

Point to the cell to get the drop down; click and on the menu, select “View Grade Details” — your instinct (and mine) is to go to the Attempt, but that’s not it!

View Grade Details

On that page, you’ll get a lot of options, but we’re just talking about giving an attempt back. Wait for it to load (it took a few seconds on my computer) and look for the “Clear Attempt” button that comes up. (Clickee to embiggen the image!)

Clear Attempt

I’ve also highlighted the “Ignore Attempt” button. That’s useful to ‘keep’ a bad attempt but to get rid of it from your ‘needs grading’ list.

Simple as that!


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