Giving a Quiz Attempt Back

For whatever reasons, there are times you want to give an individual student another attempt at a quiz. You don’t want to change the basic test options (which you can do in ‘edit test option’) and give everyone two attempts instead of one, just the one student.

Not hard, but there’s (as always) a little trick to it.

Go into the Full Grade Center and find the results for the student you want to change. Hover with the mouse so the action menu shows up and click on action menu to get the options. Select the test you want to give back. (clickee on the pics to embiggen them)

Give back 1

On the test screen, look for the innocent looking “Test Information” line.

Test Information

Click on the words “Test Information” and you’ll get the ‘hidden’ menu… that’s the tricky part, knowing to click on that.

All test information

In that section is the option to “Clear Attempt”… you should get a “are you sure?” sort of thing and then the test is reset so the student can take the test again.

If you had a timed test and the student got locked out part way through and then the time elapsed, there’s no way to let the student continue working on the test. You can allow them to start all over again with this, but they have to re-enter their answers to any questions they may have completed.


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