Summer 2013 Courses Need to be made Available!

Sent to all faculty as an email; posted here as another resource!
By default, all summer (and Fall — but that will be another reminder!) Blackboard courses are set as “unavailable” to students.
You need to make your course available; we will not do that since we do not know when your course is ‘ready to go’…
In Blackboard, go to Customization > Properties and then item #2 in that section allows you to make the course available.
If you are teaching a summer course that starts next Tuesday, it is highly recommended you make your course available BEFORE Tuesday. (Today would be nice, but that’s up to you!) That gives a student the opportunity to look through at least your syllabus and make an informed decision whether to drop or not. A student needs to drop your course by midnight on Monday to not incur tuition charges.
Students have been directed to contact you directly with questions….  (that’s a warning! 🙂
If you’re having any problems or something does not work as a result of the upgrade, please do not hesitate to contact me or Harold…. I’m at the SUNY CIT Conference and may be a tad slower in answering emails…. but I’m aware and looking for any questions you may have…
Have a great summer!
–Mary Jane

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