New Features in Blackboard!

As you may have heard we will be installing several Blackboard updates on May 19-21. These updates will correct several issues and enhance some of the current tools. There is also some new functionality that will be added.

Because you won’t have access to the new features until after May 21, I have decided to offer a New Feature Showcase session next week.  This 3 hour session (this is not a hands-on workshop) will introduce you to some of the new features and changes that will happen as a result of the May 19-21 update. You can check out of all the new features at the Feature Showcase by following this link

Here are some of the enhancements:

  • The new Blackboard Global Navigation where all course information (messages, assignments, posts, etc.) from all courses is in one place. This has long been a request from faculty everywhere.
  • The totally new Retention Center used to monitor student performance (think the old Track Students tool on steroids).
  • The inline grading function that allows grading of assignments without leaving the course
  • The improved Discussion tool.
  • A dynamite Calendar tool. 
  • The new Video everywhere feature that allows you to easily add video to discussions, announcements and other places throughout your course.

Here is the schedule for the New Feature Showcase: (All sessions are in T-205)

  • 9-12 Wednesday Morning May 15
  • 1-4 Thursday Afternoon May 16
  • 9-12 Friday Morning May 17

No reservation required. Just stop by and see all the cool new stuff.

We hope to see you at one of the sessions next week.


2 thoughts on “New Features in Blackboard!”

  1. Hi MaryJane, I can’t come to the scheduled dates. Will you be presenting this in Dansville or Lima at all in the coming weeks. I have a summer course and would like to participate in this update session. Kathy Kathleen T Gurak, MSEd.,CMAA Assistant Professor, PE/Health Genesee Community College ________________________________________

    1. Good thought… when I’m back on campus next week, I’ll talk to Harold and maybe we’ll do a summary webinar about the new features that we can record and folk can look at later if they can’t come to the session… or do a point-to-point thing to the campus centers!

      And talk to Pete about scheduling a training date this summer… we’re always glad to come out to the campus centers!

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