Contacting the Help Desk

Just a quick reminder about contacting the Help Desk (or sending your students to the Help Desk).

When a student contacts the help desk and the problem is about something inside your course, our first question: Have you talked to your instructor?

Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t send your kids (they’re all kids! even the ones older than I am — and that’s now way old!) to the help desk but you do need to understand that if it’s course specific, we do need your involvement. So don’t hesitate to reach out to me or Harold if you have a student-related problem that you’re not sure what to do with. Although it’s helpful if you don’t do “a student in my course” but give us the details, “Jimmy Smith in my CIS 112-01 section” because unless it’s a problem with all the students, we can’t troubleshoot if we don’t know what we’re looking at.

Now. Contacting the help desk.

By phone: 1-866-614-5004 — best for usernames/password or immediate problems

By email: or

Put in a self-service ticket:

If you’ve not seen the self-service tickets, it’s pretty cool. Check it out!


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