Macs, Java and Blackboard

Okay, I have to do this first… as a long time PC user, I need to blurt out… “You always say Macs can’t get viruses!”

(It is too cruel to laugh just now?)  🙂

Actually, it’s not that Macs can’t get viruses, it’s just that there always have been fewer Mac users in the world so the return on investment in creating viruses and malware on the Mac side has been smaller. Fewer folk write viruses and malware for Macs, is the reality.

Yesterday, without announcement, Apple shut down Java 7 on all Macs that run its security software XProtect. It has identified Java 7 as malware and it now simply will not run.

More here:

The Genesee translation of this:

–If you or your students want to use Collaborate or Wimba, you’re totally out of luck for the moment.

–The rich text editing of items and what-not on any element of Blackboard may not work. So this affects not only instructors creating course materials, but students using discussion boards.

Those are the biggies, but that’s enough.

The information I have says one work around — and you have to try it, I’m not a Mac user — is to uninstall Java 7 completely from the Mac, go to and fish around for a Java 6 version and install that. You’ll want to watch the Apple forums and newsletters for other options.



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