Resource Not Found — Error Message

course-sontentYour students are telling you that when they click on a link in your course that they get a “Resource Not Found” error message.

One of the reasons that may happen is that you’ve inadvertently hidden something that they cannot get at. “Hidden” always trumps access.

I’ve converted my menu to “folder view” (I really like List View!) so you can get a better idea of what may happen.

So I’m merrily building my “Chapter 3 Exercise” assignment (highlighted in yellow). It’s still a work in progress so I’ve got it hidden from the student view. I prod it into shape and it’s finally ready for students to be able to see it.

I make a link from the “Chapter 3” section of the course (highlighted in pink) because I’m trying to be consistent and everything related to Chapter 3 — content, discussions, quizzes and assignments — is all linked in that one place.

I’m a happy camper and let my students know the newest assignment is ready for them to preview.

Until I get the frantic email from the students that when they click on the link in “Chapter 3” that they get a “Resource Not Found” error message.

Because my “Chapter 3 Exercise” is still hidden in the Assignment folder, students cannot get to the “Chapter 3 Exercise” at all. The “hidden” option over-rides the link I made to the material.

For that same reason, I cannot hide the “Assignments” folder and just make links to the Exercises… the Assignments folder has to be ‘publicly’ available to the students for them to access the materials in the folder, whether directly or through my alternative link.

 One of the things to check if your students are having problems accessing your course materials!


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