Intermittent Blackboard Access, Jan 18-20

This actually applies to all college web services, but since this is the Blackboard blog… 🙂

As you plan your Spring coursework….

Cole’s Notes Version:

Internet access to college resources may be intermittent and unreliable from 5 pm, Friday, January 18 through 12:00 noon, Sunday, January 20. Some users will see absolutely no problems, other users may have little or no access. And no predicting who or how long.

(PS: Anyone know who “Cole” is?)

Bottom line:

If you have work due the end of the first week of classes, be flexible in your deadlines. My personal recommendation is to extend anything to Monday, January 21 at midnight to stay away from the work window.

The Unabridged Version:

The college is moving to a new Internet Service Provider (lower cost and more bandwidth!) and we have to do the cutover to the new ISP. Which means new IP addresses for servers on campus and for the college in general.

The best analogy is when you move to a new home, it takes a while for some of your mail to catch up to you. Even when you notify the post office, most of your mail comes through but then there are the folk who only send you mail a couple of times a year who may miss the window during which the post office does that automatic forwarding. Or you have a new mailperson who misses that the mail should be forwarded and your handful of letters goes to your old address and the new folk throw it back in the mail (if you’re lucky) and then the next mail person realizes the problem and forwards it to you.

Gonna be like that. Some folk will get the ‘message’ that GCC has moved to a new IP address and have no problems. Other folk won’t have the message anywhere and it will take time to get to them. There won’t be any rhyme or reason to explain why some folk can get in and others cannot.

And there will be some (brief) outages while we first do the cut-over, mostly on Friday night. That’s like the night you spent in a hotel while moving because the moving truck needed 2 days to get to the new house and you don’t have any furniture anywhere….

The Library and the Computer Lab (T207) should be fine on Saturday, but it’s the first Saturday of the semester, so we’re not expecting huge crowds. And the majority of work should really be done by Sunday, so any Sunday classes should not be affected.


Questions? Ask! You know where I live!


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