Don’t Like Something? Speak Up!



We’re hearing that the new Blackboard system isn’t really popular with some folk.

Some of it is the struggle with new features and the new system. We understand that. Some of that will get better as everyone gets used to how it works.

And some things don’t really work the way you would like them to. You really, really want something to function differently.

You should speak up. Blackboard has a pretty robust “Make a Recommendation” system

Go here and click on “Make A Recoomendation”:

If you have a specific request for “I think [tool x] should work [some specific way]”, you should do that as a product enhancement, which is here:

Blackboard really does read these suggestions and (hint, hint!) if there are enough submissions for one thing, it goes up the ladder faster.

Like you tell your students, don’t complain among yourselves, complain to someone who will both listen and maybe can do something about it!


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