Downloading Your Grades

For the audio/visual folk, here’s the video:

For the text folk, here are the instructions:

  • In the Full Grade Center
  • Look for “Work Offline” off to the right
  • Select “Download”
  • Accept all the defaults and click “Submit”
  • Open the file, by default it should open in Excel
  • When you save the file, do “Save As” and save in *.xslx format

Important notes:

  • if you allow students to take a quiz more than one time, if their last attempt is “in progress”, the In Progress message will be in the spreadsheet and you have to manually enter the grade
  • any ‘formula’ that performs calculations do not download
  • if you’ve used the demo student, remove that row from your spreadsheet
  • if you have not done so already, remove students who you are not grading (i.e. students who have dropped your course)
  • add a column to document last date of attendance for any F grades you have given

Send the Excel file to the person you need to!



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