EMail and HTML Settings

Okay, it’s not Blackboard but this was as good a place to put this as any! 🙂

The Business Office, in an effort to consolidate emails to faculty, is going to be putting student information in an email message in the form of a table.

If you don’t have HTML turned on in your email reader (whether Outlook or the web), you’re going to get something that is terribly difficult to read.

How to turn on HTML in your email reader:

Working from your desktop and using Microsoft Outlook:

  • Click on File, and “Options”
  • Click on “Mail”
  • Under “Compose Messages”
    • Compose messages in this format should be: HTML or Rich Text
  • Click “OK”

Working from home, you will likely be using Microsoft Office Outlook Web Access:

**You must use Internet Explorer (Firefox does not support HTML)**

MJ NOTE: Well, Firefox may support HTML but there’s no way in Firefox to explicitly turn on HTML. So even if you read mail in Firefox, you have to do the turning on thing in IE. If you know anything about Chrome or Safari, leave a comment so we can share!

  • Click on “Options”
  • Scroll down to “Message Format” section
    • Compose in this message format should be: HTML
  • Click on “Save”

ANOTHER MJ NOTE: When the Business Office asks a question about a specific student, please don’t ignore it! It’s an important financial issue.


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