Think About Your Menu

The good news is that the menu in the new BB is infinitely customizable. ūüôā

The bad news is that the menu is the new BB is infinitely customizable. ūüė¶

That means you need to put some thought into what is on your menu — make it meaningful. Your students will appreciate it.

I’m not saying this one¬†is perfect; it’s my effort and¬†actually a work in progress¬†— any¬†comments¬†you can offer on what works for you¬†will be appreciated.

Some of my thoughts that may or may not be helpful to you:

  • make sure your syllabus is clearly identified. The “Start Here” or “Read Me First” options should work but there’s nothing more clear than simply using the word “Syllabus”
  • depending on what kind of course you are teaching, the “Ask Questions Here” option lets students leave messages (or my link here is actually to¬†a discussion) for you
  • if you’re going to use Announcements, make a page for them. At the very least, it gives you someplace to point when you’ve posted an announcement a week ago¬†and a student says, “I didn’t know that!”
  • use Subheaders and Dividers¬†strategically. Break a long list up into components that hang together. The “+” sign not only lets you build Content Areas, you can also select the Subheaders and Dividers options.
  • use colors wisely and sparingly on the menu. Yes, you can customize colors, but remember the color blind and folk with low vision who need high contrast.
  • you can’t use spaces (well you can but I’d have to teach you some HTML code and that won’t be pretty) but you can use hyphens to simulate indentations
  • there’s a fine balance between “enough” and “too long” — I don’t have a definition, ask your students what they think
  • bubble rarely used things to the bottom; the new drop and drag makes that easy to do
  • if you have the dreaded “Cross Listed Section Group” title at the top, add a Subheader with your course name and sections. That will identify the course to you and your students.

So. Tell me what you’ve tried and anything you’ve found helpful!


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