Name and Username Updates

At some point, we change a lot of usernames for folk. Marriages, divorces, fat-fingering. We change things a lot.

The problem is that the new Blackboard does not understand username changes the same way the old Blackboard did.


In fact, a username change in Banner/Genesis essentially breaks access to Blackboard. šŸ˜¦

If you have a student who cannot access your course(s), i.e. he/she gets an incredibly unhelpfulĀ “Access Denied” —Ā tell the student to report that to the Help Desk so we can research the issue. It’s early enough in the semester, we can fix this.

Going forward, we have to look at what we will be doing with username update requests. For the moment (August 2012), we’re not going to do any more username updates because of the problems that the process does cause. We certainly will fix usernames where students are having problems, we’re just not going to change any moreĀ usernames that are already working. We need time to research the issue to decide what’s the best course of action going forward. So we won’t never do them again, just that we aren’t doing username updates this semester.

So if you have “Suzie Jones” in your course but she tells you her name is “Suzie Washington” take a careful look at your class list information. WE MAY NOT BE ABLE TO UPDATE YOUR BLACKBOARD GRADE BOOK. Suzie may be Washington in your Banner class list but Jones in your Blackboard Grade Book. Major bummer!

Be patient! We’re figuring some of these things out ourselves!


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