Course Entry Point – and a Warning!

One of the cool things about Blackboard is that you can set the “first” page in your course. You can set it to Announcements or your Syllabus or the Email or whatever you want. Well, with one exception.

You do NOT need to keep/use the default Home Page.

Here’s how to reset your Entry Page.

In the Control Panel, select Customization and Teaching Style.

Then go to Option #2 and do the drop-down for Course Entry Point.

The only things that appear are menu items that are available to your students. So you cannot select hidden or empty items.

And I suspect we’ll be fixing a couple of these, but DO NOT SELECT “MY GRADES” as an entry point. That will seem like a good idea at the end of the semester when students are asking about grades.

What happens is that you aren’t a student (d’oh) and you’ll just get an error message about “not having the proper role” and YOU WILL BE LOCKED OUT OF YOUR COURSE! You cannot fix it, we have to fix it for you, and it’s not pretty. You do not want to be the test case for this!


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