Using Blakckboard Email

Even if you have no plans to use the Email system within Blackboard — that is, you plan to use Messages — there’s a really cool use you can take advantage of.

And do help everyone out. If you’re using Email call it Email; if you’re using Messages, call it Messages (or like I did below, something like “Course Email/Messages”.  If you label the Messages tool with the label of Email, you will be confusing your students about what you are using.

You can set up the Email tool and then Hide it on your course menu. Like so:

So the Message tool is there and available to students and the Email tool is there but only available to me.

Now, this is the Hidden tool thing working as designed. You can get to Hidden things; students cannot.

Click on Mail and you to into the Mail tool. (As usual, click to embiggen)

Once there, select All Student Users. Now, the beauty of this is that you don’t have to think. Everyone registered in your class will pop up in the next screen.

Okay. All I have is the Test Student in my sandbox course. But I’d have to blank out the names anyways.

The point is that this message comes from my Genesee email account. No distribution lists to set up. No contacts to add to Outlook. Nada.

Especially for those of you who like to send email from home, this ensures that you never send an email from your personal email account! Students will get email from your Genesee email and then reply to your Genesee email.

Use it! It’s very cool!


2 thoughts on “Using Blakckboard Email”

    1. Huh. I don’t know… I’ll have to play with it but I’m going to suspect not… It’s not meant to be a “email” system so it’s not going to have all the features.

      Good question!

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