“My Students Can’t See {things in my course}”

A Sunday two-fer!

Harold and I will be (already are) hearing a lot of this… so, here’s some basic trouble shooting you can do.

One of the ways things can be hidden is easy to figure out. If students cannot see your Content Area, do the “hover and click the circle” thing and then select Edit. Go down and look for Options. Do you have “Permit Users to View this Content” set to Yes or No. It’s sometimes “No” by default. In any case, always start here. It has to be “Yes” for students to see your course materials in this Content Area.

These options are indepdent of the Hide/Show in the menu. You have to check inside the Content Area. This applies to Content Areas, Blank Pages, whatever you’ve set up.

The other possibility is more subtle.

You had a brilliant idea to put all of your assignments in an Assignment folder. Then to hide the folder and link to the assignments from other places. Your course looks something like this:

You can see that Assignments are Hidden (the box with the slash indicates that). And I want to pull an assignment into “-Section 2” — which is not hidden. So far, so good!

As part of the “course link” process, you can link course materials in more than one place. Cool thought.

But then your students tell you they can’t see Assignment 2!

What’s happening here is that the Hidden for the Assignments Content Module overrides access anywhere else in the course! If something is hidden anywhere, it’s hidden everywhere!

Make sense? If this doesn’t help, give a shout!


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