Unenrolled Students

In your Blackboard Grade Center is the list of all students who were — at one time or another — registered for your course.

You have students who, for any variety of reasons (including coming to their senses 😉 ) have dropped your course.

Students who have dropped your course in Banner are flagged with a “stop” type of icon. Like this:

If you have a number of students who have dropped, your list looks like this (or worse — it’s kinda depressing) :

The old system had a very nice “hide unenrolled member data” that with one selection, you could make those names invisible. Well, you can make them invisible, but it’s both a nuisance and there’s a huge caveat.

The WARNING: Hiding a student name has no relationship to the student’s registration status. That is, a student who today is not registered in your course may still be able to re-register and Blackboard gives you no indication that the student has re-registered. The student is still hidden in your Grade Center. Therefore, you MUST cross check your Banner class list with your Blackboard Grade Center at the point when it is no longer possible to register for your course. If you’re really lucky, I’ll remind you to do that! But don’t count on me… just plan to do it!

For fully online, full semester courses, that last date to add is August 28 — the 2nd day of the semester! Starting August 28, students cannot add your online course without your explicit permission. Do yourself a favor, especially if you have a pretty full class: DO NOT ALLOW LATE REGISTRATIONS.

For everyone else, the same advice really plays out. Students who register late tend to (but not always) not do well in your course. Know what you are getting into when you allow a student to enroll late in your course.

If you want to hide a student, here’s how you do it. “Hover and look for the circle” — over the last name. Click on the circle and select Hide Row. Jennifer has dropped my class and I’m going to hide her from my Grade Center. (Yes, you have to do each student separately… told you it was a nuisance!)

If I want to get Jennifer back into my Grade Center, in the Grade Center go to Manage and select Row Visibility.

Tickee the box in front of Jennifer’s name, then click on Show Rows and then on Submit. Ta-da!


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