The Demo Student is Back! \o/

Thanks to the University of Saskatchewan, the “Demo Student” is back! They actually built this and were generous enough to share with the world!

First thing you have to do is turn it on. Go into the Control Panel, Customization and Tool Availability. You have to do this first part for every course you want to use the demo student in.

Tick the box next to “Add Test Student” then Submit.

Then go to Course Tools to configure it.

You get this next option only the first time you set up the demo student. The default username for the account is your Genesis username with “_s” attached to it. No, you can’t change it.

Give the account a password. You manage the password (as you’ll see).

Then enroll the demo student in the current course and Submit.

Once you’ve ‘built’ the Test Student Account, this is what you get when you click on the Add Test Student link in the Course Tools area. You can unenroll the Test Student and/or change the password.

In each course, you need to activate the tool and then add the student to the section.

You need to log out from your ‘instructor’ account and re-log in with the Test Student account.

NOTE: The demo student does not log in through Genesis; go directly to and log in there.

To be logged in as the instructor and the Test Student at the same time, you need to do that in 2 completely different browsers. You need to log in as you in Internet Explorer and then you can log in as the Test Student in Firefox. Or Chrome. Or Safari. Whatever. But in 2 separate browsers, not just 2 tabs of the same browser.


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