Dealing with multiple Quiz attempts

One of the questions that has come up is about multiple quiz attempts. A number of us allow students to take a quiz more than once and then use the ‘highest’ grade toward the final grade. It’s to encourage the students to work harder and learn the materials better.

In setting up the initial quiz in the Tools > Tests, Surveys and Pools, there is an option to set the number of attempts, but nothing on what grade to put into the grade center.

Turns out you do that in the Grade Center! Who knew?

Go into the Full Grade Center and look for the column(s) that you want to set this for. There isn’t (or I haven’t quite read enough documentation, which for everything I’ve read, I didn’t think that was possible!) any way to do multiple columns/quizzes at a time. You have to do them all separately. Yeah. A nuisance.

So. Go to the full grade center and find the column with the quiz you need to do the setting for. Do the “hover and click the circle” thing and you get this really extensive long menu. Like this.

Select “Edit Column Information” and you get yet another menu. Like this:

And… ta da! One of the options is to “Score Attempt Using:” and a drop down menu for whichever you plan to do. Pretty much the same options you’ve had, just a different place to find them.

Go! Make students take multiple tests! Keep them all busy! đŸ™‚

We’ll spend more time on the Grade Center after classes start! Get the course materials set up and write those quizzes first. Then we’ll worry about futzing with the Grade Center!


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