Check Your Default Email Address

You need to make sure that the email messages from Blackboard go to the right email account.

Turns out that a lot of you have been a Genesee student at one time or another. The student account process updates Banner and makes your student email account your ‘preferred’ email address.

Turns out, well, that’s the email address in Blackboard. So if you turn on the Email tool, you may have email messages going to the wrong place. Messages you send come from the wrong address and messages sent to you go to the wrong place. If you’ve never taken a course at Genesee, you should be all set. But, well, go ahead and check anyway.

Here’s how to check.

Go into Blackboard and turn on the Email tool. (You can turn it off when you’re done, if you didn’t plan to; you only need it to check.) Use the “+” sign at the top of the menu to add the Email tool to the menu.

Open any of the Send Email options. The All Users options works fine.

See what email address is in there.

The “From” address is the email address in Blackboard and where your messages will go.

If it’s wrong, check what’s in Banner. Log into Genesis and check your “Personal Info”.

Then check inside “View E-mail Addresses”

See what’s there and which is the “Preferred”

Hey! I’m not showing you my personal email! Well, I’ll tell it to you if you ask, just don’t want to put it on the internet for everyone to see!

If yours is wrong, send me an email ( and I’ll get it fixed.


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