Student Orientations to Blackboard 9

Q: Who’s going to show students about the new Blackboard?

A: You are!

Hey! Don’t look at me like that!  I have a day job! 😉

At the very least, take time out of one of your first class meeting to show your students what you want them to do in Blackboard. Tell students what you expect and what tools they should be using.

Okay, I’ll also put this on the Help Desk web site:, too, so’s you can point students to that…. (here: — the pics should be there shortly if they aren’t)

Here are some tools.

Make a link in your course to the student videos that are all very well done, short and to the point. They are here:

For a more extensive tutorial, tell your students to sign up for the available Orientation course. It’s a self-paced orientation, inside Blackboard and it goes through being a good student, how to use the tools and what to look for.

You need pictures for this one, since there’s one tricky step. (As usual, click on the pics to embiggen!)

And, you do this one, too! Take the tutorial so you see what your students are learning!

While in the new Blackboard…

Go to My Courses.

From there, find the Blackboard Orientation link on the far left. Click on it.

This is the tricky step: HOVER the mouse over the course id. Don’t click on it.

Once the circle appears, click on the circle and then click on the word Enroll.

Then click on Submit.

It’s a pretty comprehensive orientation. It covers all of the major tools in Blackboard and even has a quiz at the end about what they should have learned.

Check it out! Sign yourself up and tell your students to do the same!


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