Sorting out your “My Courses” module

The default My Courses module is an unhelpful, alphabetical mess. And even less helpful if you taught a course in the summer (i.e. ACC-101-01) and are teaching the same course with the same section number this Fall (ACC-101-01). They look the same in your course list. (clikee on any of the pics to make them readable!)

Hey! I’m bright, which is why I’m a Nursing student in my spare time!

So point to the line where it says “My Courses” at the top of the module. You want to get the little wheel thing to appear. Click on it.

Look for the “Group By Term” and select that.

Make sure the Fall is selected. You can even turn off Summer if you had summer courses. (Yeah, hard to read, click on it!)

Click Submit and then you have a better organized module!


2 thoughts on “Sorting out your “My Courses” module”

    1. I think it’s browser dependent… in one browser it’s an “S” and in some it’s the ‘wheel’

      It only makes it all more confusing… ::headdesk::

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