Moving material from ‘sandbox’ to production

The words:

  • In the SANDBOX course (i.e. this is a ‘push’ from your sandbox to production)
  • Control panel
  • Packages and utilities
  • Course Copy
  • Select copy type: Copy Course Materials into an Existing Course
  • Use browse to find the course (watch those cross listed courses!)
  • Select All (don’t think, just click on “select all”)
  • Leave the rest
  • Submit

The pictures 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Moving material from ‘sandbox’ to production”

  1. MJ – these are great instructions and I have used them…..would you expect to have a problem though is the course was password protected (a course cartridge is required for installation of content?) I am running into that now…..thoughts on that?

    1. You have special problems with a course cartridge, but this is an important message for folk who use cartrides that you cannot load 2 cartridges into one course.

      We’ll talk offline!

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