Training, Day 1

There’s a brave group of souls on campus on a soggy, gray day (although the sun is predicted for later!) for Day 1 of Blackboard 9.1 training.

I’m going to tell you more tomorrow about today’s topics but just wanted to let you know that Training for Bb 9.1 is started and will be ongoing.

Yes, two pretty full days is the plan. There are lots of thoughts about that. There are enough new things in Bb 9.1 that we don’t want to skimp over them. But a lot of folk are experienced in using Blackboard CE and don’t need to spend a lot of time talking about why one uses discussions, just what’s new in discussions.

This is the plan, so I’ll let you know how it goes!

Tuesday Agenda

  • Understanding the changes
  • Getting started with a course moved from CE 8
  • Getting started with the course environment
  • Getting started with course content

Wednesday Agenda

  • Getting started with Assignments
  • Getting started with building a test
  • Getting started with the Grade Center

More tomorrow!


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