Looking for BB 9.1 Info?

While Harold and I know a lot of things, we (horrors!) don’t know everything about Blackboard 9.1. To be honest, we’re really about 1/2 a step ahead of you. There are a ton of things we don’t know!

One of the things we do know, however, is how to look things up. Or where to look for information.

“Ask Dr. C” is a classic Blackboard support option located at http://discussions.blackboard.com. While it lives on the Blackboard official web site, it’s actually run by a group of volunteers who are also practitioners. Folk who use BB in their daily lives.

So, a the questions about “what happened to who’s online?” came in over the weekend. When I couldn’t find it in my course, I went looking. I glanced at the active forums but they are too high level for something like this. I just put the phrase “who’s online” into the search box.

Turns out that who’s online doesn’t exist in the new version. Who knew? Well, Dr. C did! 🙂

Go look. Cool stuff out there!


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