Course Sites – Part Deux

When you go out to Course Sites ( to build a sandbox, you need to set up an account. It’s like anything, use information you will remember.

Now, we’re recommending you use your Genesis username when you set up your account. This is so that the username ’embedded’ in the course will be the same when we bring it back to the Genesee production server. If you use something like “Bubba666” then that will be all over the course materials if you roll that class back to our site.

You don’t have to build a course, just take advantage of the “Getting Started With CourseSites” orientation. It’s pretty parallel to the Student Orientation we’ll be making available but it’s geared to faculty.


Now that we’re moving forward and gaining momentum, I’ll be back with more about my course and the work I’m doing….


2 thoughts on “Course Sites – Part Deux”

    1. Well, it’s not just GCC folk on the site… OMG! There’s another “caboyd” in this world! 🙂

      Try another username… put a number on it, I guess… best I gots!

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